Our Mission

The University of Georgia Athletic Association is committed and obligated to the principle of institutional control in operating its athletics program in a manner that is consistent with the letter and the spirit of NCAA, Conference and University rules and regulations. Each individual involved in intercollegiate athletics is obligated to maintain competency in knowledge of the rules; to act within his or her realm of responsibility in full compliance with the governing legislation; and to report any violation of NCAA, conference and /or institutional rules of which he or she is aware.

The commitment and obligation to operate the intercollegiate athletic association in adherence to the principle of institutional control is both institutional and individual. The Association’s commitment is to maintain the control of the athletics programs through:

  • Employment and hiring of responsible administrators, coaches, and support staff personnel;
  • Education of coaches, staff, student-athletes and other individuals involved with the Athletic Association in their institutional responsibilities under the rules;
  • Development of monitoring and operating systems within the Association and the University that provide guidance in how to work within the rules;
  • Providing effective lines of communication between all affected constituencies;
  • Discovering and reporting any violations of rules that occur.

The Association’s goals in responding to rules violations will be to encourage communication, to seek consistency and accountability and, above all, send a strong message that the Association is unequivocally committed to rules compliance.

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