Choosing an Agent


I. “It’s Okay to Talk but be Prepared”:The athlete, as well as family and friends, can talk to agent candidates who come calling before the athlete’s college eligibility ends. HOWEVER, the athlete cannot sign a contract to retain an agent or make an oral commitment to hire an agent until he has completed his eligibility.

II. “Take Nothing of Value”: Neither the athlete, his parents, other relatives nor close friends can receive anything of value from an agent prior to the end of the athlete’s college eligibility.

III. “Don’t be in a Hurry”: Because you cannot sign a contract until you have completed your eligibility, take your time in evaluating agent options.

IV. “Shop Around”: Just like choosing a doctor or any other professional, you must feel comfortable with the agent’s qualifications. Above all else, your agent should be honest, trustworthy, and financially accountable.

V. “Check References”: Get names and phone numbers of current and former clients of the agent candidates-ask how prompt the agent is in returning calls, attending meetings.

VI. “Check with your Coach, Athletic Counselor, Athletic Administrator, or Career Counseling Members”: Your coaches have many years of experience-you may want to keep them informed about which agent you are interviewing.

VII. “Seek Financial Legal Counsel”: You will have a contractual business relationship with the agent. Any contract you sign with an agent should be reviewed by an attorney who is not affiliated with the agent.

VIII. “Seek Financial Investments and Accounting Advice”: BE CAUTIOUS if the agent provides all professional services-too much control could lead to carelessness, abuse, or worse. There has to be checks and balances.

IX. “Help prepare your Draft Strategy”: When you select an agent, the next step is to prepare for your draft strategy-which trainer and facilities to use, team interviews, etc. Be aware of who is paying for the training and facilities. You need to be comfortable with the strategy and feel your input was considered.

X. “Continue to Evaluate your Agent and your Relationship with Him and his Organization”: After you sign a contract, make sure to keep an original of the documents for your records. Selecting your agent is a serious business decision that should be evaluated on a periodic basis.

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