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UGAAA Policies

  • The title of the camp must demonstrate that the primary responsibility of the camp rests with the coach, who is the operator of the camp.  However, the title must also exhibit that the camp is authorized/sanctioned by the institution.
    • Camp names must include the individual head coach’s name.
  • Camp brochures will include a statement regarding liability and NCAA rules. The statement should be clearly marked or highlighted:
    • “The University of Georgia and the University of Georgia Athletic Association, Inc. is NOT responsible for any injuries sustained by a student participant. NCAA rules prohibit payment of camp expenses (transportation, camp, tuition, spending money, etc.) by representatives of the University of Georgia’s athletic interests. Furthermore, NCAA rules prohibit free or reduced camp admissions privileges for prospects in the 9th grade or above (7th grade for men’s basketball).”
  • Brochures may state that the camp is held at UGAAA facilities.
  • Camp brochures are no longer restricted in content or design, but are restricted to a single, two-sided sheet not to exceed 17” x 22” when opened in full.
    • A currently enrolled student-athlete’s name, picture and institutional affiliation may only appear in the camp counselor section to identify the student-athlete as a staff member. A student-athlete’s name or picture may not be used in any other way to promote the camp.
  • An institution may advertise or promote an institutional camp or clinic in any way, provided any camp or clinic advertisement or promotion (e.g. camp brochure, website, newspaper or magazine advertisement) stipulates that the camp or clinic is open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender).
  • Any discounted rates based on objective criteria unrelated to athletic abilities (e.g., registration prior to a specific date, online registration, and attendance at multiple sessions) must be published and made available to all camp participants on the camp brochure and/or website.
  • All camp brochures must be reviewed and approved by the Compliance Office prior to publication and distribution.

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