Camp Insurance, Reporting & Records Retention

Camp Insurance

  • Each coach is required to obtain liability insurance coverage and furnish a declaration page or certificate of coverage to the camp liaison officer no later than May 31st of each year. The UGAAA has arranged for a policy that standardizes coverage and provides financial strength to be made available for this season.
    • The Certificate must designate the “CERTIFICATE HOLDER” as: “The State of Georgia,” “The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia,” and “The University of Georgia.”
    • A minimum of $1,000,000 per individual and $3,000,000 per incident for Property Damage and Personal Injury is required.
    • All policies are required to have coverage for Sexual Abuse/Molestation.
    • Proof of insurance must be provided to the Compliance Office prior to the start of camps.
    • The Athletic Association should be added as an additional insured.
  • The UGAAA has arranged for a policy that standardizes coverage and provides financial strength to be made available for this season.
  • Coaches are urged to seek advice on liability, accounting, and insurance matter from your private attorney, insurance agent, and/or accountant.
  • In each instance, proof of insurance coverage must be furnished to the camp liaison no later than May 31st of each year.
  • Under no circumstances shall a camp operate without proper insurance coverage for the participants and employees.

Financial Reporting

While the operation of camps is the responsibility of each head coach, the proper administration of each rests in the Athletic Association and the University.

NCAA Bylaws establish the general principles of institutional control: “the administration, control, and responsibility for the conduct of intercollegiate athletic programs shall be exercised by the institution itself.”

Accordingly, it is the responsibility of each coach and coordinator to carefully verify and complete all reporting requirements.

  • Sport camps established as a proprietorship, partnership, or corporation must adhere to all applicable federal and state laws, including withholding and appropriate income tax laws.
    • Each camp is encouraged to seek the services of accounting or other professionals, as needed.
  • Camps and/or coaching staff members may not solicit financial donations or sponsorships from outside groups, booster clubs, etc. for camp revenue.
  • All expenses incurred related to the operation of a sports camp are the sole responsibility of the head coach.
    • All transactions (checks, debit cards, cash) made on behalf of the camp or with camp funds must be documented by the camp administrator.
    • Personal expenditures should not be made directly to the sports camp/clinic account.
    • It is highly recommended that all camps utilize an electronic accounting program (e.g. QuickBooks) to help improve required and necessary accounting records.

Camp Reporting

  • Annual Camp Reports (forms are located on the UGAAA Camp Website) are to be filed with the Compliance Office no later than sixty (60) days following the last camp session of the year.
    • A sport program may submit in writing to their sport facilitator a request for a single, one-week extension.
    • A late fee of $50 will be fined to all camps not following these requirements.

Records Retention

  • All records should be retained in accordance with Board of Regents policies on record retention. Copies of all required forms and documentation pertaining to campers should be retained for a period of three (3) years after the camper reaches the age of eighteen (18). Records pertaining to Camp Staff should be retained for five (5) years.

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