Off-Campus Recruiting Guidelines

  • Prior to August 1st of each year and before a coach may recruit off-campus, the coach must be certified through a written test provided by the NCAA and administered by the Southeastern Conference.
  • Off-campus recruiting activities include visits that authorized staff members from UGA make to prospect’s homes, schools, athletics practices or contest, or any other site off the UGA campus.
  • Each coach is responsible for ensuring that it is an appropriate time within his/her sport’s recruiting calendar to travel off-campus for recruiting purposes. The Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance will cross check all recruiting expense reports for travel within appropriate time periods. Travel expense reports indicating travel outside an appropriate recruiting period will not be approved by the Business Office.
  • All off-campus recruiting shall be documented on the contact and evaluation logs. An off-campus recruiting log must be turned in after every trip taken for the purpose of recruiting.
  • If off-campus recruiting expenses are incurred, a recruiting expense report and off-campus recruiting log must be handed in together.
  • The recruiting expense report must be submitted to the Business Office. Once the expense report is approved by Compliance for proper documentation, it will be processed in a timely manner by the Business Office.
  • If an off-campus recruiting log is not attached with the recruiting expense report, the request will be returned for lack of proper documentation.
  • The list of football coaches who recruit off campus in any given week must be submitted to the athletics compliance office in advance of that week. This information will then be forwarded to the Conference Office.
  • The sports of men’s and women’s basketball, softball and volleyball are responsible for maintaining an accurate record of the number of evaluation days used during the academic year evaluation period. Such record is required to be filed in writing to the compliance office.
  • The sports of men’s and women’s basketball are also responsible for ensuring that all events attended during the summer evaluation period are certified recruiting events per NCAA bylaw 30.16.

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