Employment/Fee for Lesson Form – Academic Year


I agree that if I accept a position through University of Georgia Student-Athlete Employment Program, I am obligated to represent myself and University of Georgia by diligent work habits, honest communication, and respectful conduct toward my employer at all times. If either my employer or I wish to end my employment, I will immediately communicate with the Compliance Office when such action is taken.

I also agree to abide by the following procedures:

– I understand that I am responsible for the accuracy of my time records and pay.

– I understand that I will be paid only for actual hours worked and that my pay is based upon a rate that is the same rate paid to other employees doing similar work in that area.

– I will not accept any benefits or privileges that are not available to other employees doing similar work, including transportation provided or arranged by my employer to or from my place of employment.

– I understand that I am to be treated in the same manner as any other employees doing similar work.

– I will immediately report to the compliance office any improper privileges or benefits offered to me or received by me.

– I understand that my work will be supervised and that if my work is not satisfactory, or if I fail to appear on time and regularly, my job will be terminated either by the employer or the University.

– I understand that the compliance office will, from time to time, contact my employer to evaluate my employment. In that regard, by signing this employment agreement, I give my permission for my employer to release any and all employment records or documents to the University or its authorized representatives.

– I understand that by signing below I am indicating that I have reviewed the information contained in this form and understand employment rules and regulations.

– I understand that I am responsible for notifying the Compliance Office immediately if I change jobs, start a new job, or am no longer employed.

– I understand that I cannot give complimentary admissions to my employer.

Employment Registration

Student-Athlete employment is not properly registered until this form is complete, signed by you, and received by the Compliance Office.

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