Outside Athletically Related Income Noninstitutional Income and Benefits Disclosure. A full-time or part-time athletics department staff member who receives athletically related income or benefits from a source outside the institution must report such earnings to the president or chancellor on an annual basis; however, the athletics staff member is not required to report any cash or cash equivalent (as opposed to tangible items) if the total amount received is $600 or less.

I understand that I am required to provide a written detailed account annually for all athletically related income and benefits up to and in excess of $600 from sources outside the institution. In addition, the approval of all athletically related income and benefits shall be consistent with the University of Georgia’s policy related to outside income and benefits applicable to all full-time or part-time employees.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Endorsement agreements;
  • Consulting agreements;
  • Contracts with apparel companies, equipment manufacturers, television, radio or digital print;
  • Income from ownership, control or management of a foundation, organization or other entities;
  • Sports camps;
  • Country club memberships;
  • Speaking engagements;
  • Entertainment of other benefits.


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