What is the admissions process for scholarship athletes?

Student-athletes go through the same admissions process as all other applicants.  The admissions process is not speeded up because you signed a scholarship.  Depending on the academic credentials of the student, a decision letter will be sent at one of the following times:

1)    Beginning in mid-November, decision  letters are sent to students who requested Early Action once the Admissions Office has evaluated the transcript and test scores submitted.

2)    Most other applicants will receive a decision letter between mid-February and early April when the regular admission process ends.

3)    Those who do not get letters at the first of April will be sent to the Faculty Admissions Committee as scholarship athletes.  At this time, they will be reviewed to see that they are NCAA qualifiers and recommendations will be forwarded on to the university president.  If he has any concerns about the student’s academic record, you will be notified at that time.  These decision letters will be sent starting in May.

Please contact me instead of the Admissions Office with your questions because very few staff members in the Admissions Office are familiar with student-athlete cases.  I will refer you to the appropriate person if I cannot answer your question myself.


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