Athletic Scholarship – How Does it work?

1.  How does my book scholarship work and why is the figure $400/semester used in the paperwork?

The NCAA dictates that $400/semester be used as the figure for book scholarships.  You are not limited to $400 per semester, however.  An athletic book scholarship will pay the entire cost of your books for the semester regardless of the price.

You must first attend class before trying to buy books on athletic scholarship. You collect your course outlines as you attend each class and bring them all to your athletic academic counselor in the Rankin Smith Student-Athlete Academic Center. Your counselor will give you a charge form which you will take to the UGA Bookstore to get your books. You must return to your athletic academic counselor any books received for classes which you drop or withdraw from.

If you are on book scholarship and a book in not available at the UGA Bookstore, you will need to purchase that book and submit a receipt to your athletic academic counselor for reimbursement.

2.  Why does my Award Letter from Financial Aid have a dollar figure that is different from what I think my scholarship is?

There are several possible reasons.  Usually it has to do with room or books.  NCAA rules require that we use a figure of $800 for the annual book scholarship.  If your books cost more (or less) than $800, we will still pay all the required costs.  NCAA rules also require that we use the “average rate” of dorms on campus as the housing portion of your scholarship award.  If you live in East Campus Village or O-House, for example, your room costs more than the average rate.  If you are on full housing scholarship, we will pay the cost of your room even though we turn in the “average rate” as the room portion of your scholarship to Financial Aid.

3.    Can I use outside scholarships to help cover my expenses?

Each year various high schools, public and private agencies, and booster groups administer outside financial aid awards.  These awards can range from $25 upward.  Your direct receipt of an outside financial aid award may be a violation of NCAA regulations.  In order to avoid eligibility problems in the fall, please contact Glada Horvat prior to applying for or receiving any financial aid award.  We can determine whether the award is acceptable under NCAA rules before you receive it and then have to give money back.  The award must be documented as coming from an established and continuing program, have no restrictions on the institution you may attend and not be funded by a UGA booster.

4.  Who can help me with other questions about my athletic scholarship?

Glada Horvat is responsible for the athletic scholarship process.  She can be reached at 706-542-7955 or

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