Health Insurance and Training Room Policies

1.  What medical costs does the Athletic Association pay for student-athletes?

We are bound by NCAA rules and our Sports Medicince staff has outlined the payment policies in this handy brochure: click here to download the PDF.  The rule of thumb is that the Athletic Association pays for treatment of athletic injuries and files insurance first with the student’s primary family insurance and then makes up the difference for any unpaid balance with our own secondary insurance.  The Athletic Association also pays the deductible if it has not already been met.

2.  Who can I ask about insurance questions?

Jeanne Vaughn is the athletic insurance coordinator.  Her office is in the Stegeman Coliseum Training Room and her phone number is 706-542-7653.  She can be reached by e-mail at

3.  What if we have no insurance?

Athletic injuries are covered by the Athletic Association.  If you wish to purchase insurance for non-athletic illness and injuries, the UGA Health Service has a policy for students which you can a buy for the year or each semester.  It is through a national insurance group so you will want to click on the University of Georgia in the list and see our brochure and prices. Click here to learn more about UGA Health Service’s policy.

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