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Hope1.  How do I get the HOPE Scholarship if I’m a Georgia resident?

HOPE Scholarships are for Georgia residents who graduate from high school with a 3.00 average in the core curriculum classes.  Click here for HOPE Academic Requirements. HOPE pays a specified rate per hour; therefore, students will get more HOPE if they enroll in 15 hours than they get if they enroll in 12 hours. HOPE does not pay the entire cost of tuition, nor does it pay fees.

The Zell Miller Scholarship is a higher level of HOPE which is awarded to students with a 3.70 core GPA and a 26 composite on the ACT or a 1200 on the SAT (the 1200 is on the Critical Reading plus Math). The score must be earned on a single test date (no combining of scores from different dates). The test must be taken prior to graduation from high school so scores from the June test would not be used if that is after high school graduation. The Zell Miller Scholarship covers all the tuition costs but no fees (fees are approximately $1100 per semester).

If you are filling a a FAFSA for other aid, you will NOT have to do a separate process for HOPE. All FAFSA applicants who are Georgia residents will be reviewed for HOPE eligibility.

If you are not completing a FAFSA, you need to go to the GACollege411.org website and fill out the electronic HOPE application (click on this link to go there — www.gacollege411.org).    Males will need their Selective Service ID number which can be retrieved from the HOPE application website (the link is there).

HOPE Scholarship funds are paid directly to the University of Georgia and should be in the computer system by the time you register for classes during orientation.

2.  How does the HOPE Scholarship for books work?

The HOPE Scholarship book allowance was removed starting in Fall 2011.

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