1.    How do I sign up for a dormitory room?

All students, even those on athletic scholarship, must fill out the on-line application for a room in a UGA residence hall.  You cannot do this until you have been officially accepted to school.  For most students, you will not be accepted until April or May.  You can click on the “DAWG HOUSE” section of the UGA Housing website and enter your UGA MYID and follow the directions.  If you have not been officially accepted to school, you will not be able to apply for housing.  If you have been accepted, you should apply and pay the $35 by credit card.  NCAA rules do not allow your athletic scholarship to pay the housing application fee.

2.  Which dorm do I choose and how do I get assigned a roommate?

Most scholarship athletes live in either East Campus Village or Oglethorpe House.  The on-line application will not allow you to submit without making three choices of dorms so put ECV, Oglethorpe and Reed.  Even though you may know which dorm you will live in, you have to make three choices!  The Athletic Association will place scholarship athletes in an “athletic space” and will pair scholarship athletes as roommates in most cases.  You should talk with your coach about your roommate preferences because we get a list from them to start the roommate pairing process.


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