What if I want to change my major?

1.    I selected a major on my admissions application that I no longer want.  What should I do?

If you want a different intended major than the major your were admitted to, you can change your major by completing the Information Change Form on the Admissions web page. If you need to change your major, please do so at least two weeks prior to your Orientation session.  The most popular major for new students is “unspecified,” and that’s perfectly okay. The average college student changes their major more than twice in four years. UGA offers more than 170 majors to choose from, so it’s no surprise that students have difficulty deciding. During your first two years, you will be taking basic core curriculum courses that can be applied to most any major.

You can begin exploring the variety of majors online at the “Major Decisions” web page.  Be aware, however, that many majors do not accept students until they have completed the 60 hour core curriculum.  For example, if you wish to major in business, you will be advised in the College of Arts and Sciences by the pre-business advisors.  Students who want to major in journalism are also advised in the College of Arts and Sciences by pre-journalism advisors.

2.    When do I have to have a major?

You do not have to declare a major under NCAA rules until you complete your second year of college attendance.  Most majors at the University of Georgia require that you complete the core curriculum before applying to the major.  There are also GPA requirements and applications for most majors.  Keep up a good GPA so you will have your pick of majors when the time comes to declare.


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