Individual Associated with a Recruited Prospective or Current Student-Athlete – Football Camp

In accordance with NCAA Division I rules, NCAA Bylaw, in football, an institution or staff member shall not employ (either on a volunteer or paid basis) an individual associated with a recruited student-athlete (“IAWPR”)at the institution’s camp or clinic.  The prohibition on camp employment applies:

  1.  To any individual who has an association with a current student-athlete who has been enrolled at the University of Georgia less than 24 months, or
  2.  To any individual who has an association with a prospect (e.g. high school, two-year college or prep student) who is being recruited by the University of Georgia.

Trigger for “Recruited” status includes: Definition of Recruited Prospective Student-Athlete — Football. In football, for purposes of applying Bylaw 13.12, a recruited prospective student-athlete is a prospective student-athlete who has been recruited pursuant to the definition of recruiting in Bylaw 13.02.14 or the definition of a recruited prospective student-athlete pursuant to Bylaw In addition, a football prospective student-athlete is considered a recruited prospective student-athlete if any of the following conditions have occurred:

(a) The prospective student-athlete’s attendance at any institutional camp or clinic has been solicited by the institution (or a representative of the institution’s athletics interests);

(b) The institution has provided any recruiting materials to the prospective student-athlete;

(c) An institutional coaching staff member has had any recruiting contact [including in-person or electronic contact (e.g., telephone calls, video conference, electronic correspondence)] with the prospective student-athlete (including contact initiated by the prospective student-athlete);

(d) The prospective student-athlete has received an oral offer of athletically related financial aid from the institution; or

(e) The prospective student-athlete has orally committed to attend the institution.


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