New Hire Education

1) Before a prospective student-athlete (i.e., recruit) signs a written commitment (e.g,, NLI) with the University of Georgia, a staff member may not comment publicly on the prospective student-athlete’s likelihood of commitment.(Required)
2) A prospective student-athlete must provide UGA with an academic transcript before taking an official visit.(Required)
3) Which of the following is true regarding a prospective student-athlete's unofficial visit to campus?(Required)
4) Personalized recruiting aids (e.g., personalized jerseys with a prospective student-athlete's last name, personalized audio/video presentations) may not be arranged during an official visit.(Required)
5) During an official visit, a meal may be provided to a prospective student-athlete at a staff member’s home.(Required)
6) If a prospective student-athlete is taken to dinner during an official visit, who is NOT allowed to be present at the dinner?(Required)
7) Employees or representatives of a name, image and likeness collective may be involved in the recruiting process (i.e., calling prospective student-athletes or their family members, friend or agents, meeting with prospective student-athletes on- and off-campus).(Required)
8) On-campus contact between prospective student-athletes and former UGA student-athletes who are not media is permitted under NCAA rules.(Required)
9) Which of the following is an example of an “extra benefit” for a UGA student-athlete?(Required)
10) Which of the following is an example of an impermissible offer or inducement during a recruiting visit?(Required)
11) A noncoaching staff member (e.g., analyst, director of operations) is not allowed to evaluate prospective student-athletes off-campus.(Required)
12) A member of the sport staff may observe a prospective student-athlete participating in voluntary recreational activities during a campus visit.(Required)
13) Which of the following statements are true regarding voluntary activities?(Required)
14) Who is not allowed to provide technical or tactical instruction to student-athletes?(Required)
15) Arranging for a false or inaccurate academic record (e.g., test score, grades) for a prospective student-athlete is not permitted under NCAA rules.(Required)
16) A coaching staff member may arrange a private tutor for a student-athlete.(Required)
17) When evaluating high school prospective student-athletes off-campus, a coach may conduct or direct the prospective student-athlete's coach to conduct, specific activities or drills to measure his or her skill or athletic ability.(Required)
18) Who can I call with a compliance question?(Required)
19) A coach may have off-campus contact with a high school freshman or sophomore if the prospective student-athlete's coach arranges the introduction, so long as the encounter is less than a few minutes.(Required)
20) UGA camps and clinics must be open to any and all entrants (limited only by age, grade level and/or gender)(Required)

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