Sport Facilitator – Compliance Related Responsibilities

  • Please read and acknowledge your understanding of the following compliance-related job responsibilities for which individuals charged with oversight of sports and/or athletic association departments are responsible:
  • General Compliance Duties

    * Request approval/information from the Compliance Office prior to engaging in any activity with student-athletes or prospective student-athletes that have not been expressly approved.

    * Understand and reinforce the importance and timely completion of all compliance-related forms and requests.

    * Recognize and acknowledge the importance of institutional control and implement the applicable standards in every aspect of the athletics program.

    * Demonstrate knowledge of and compliance with applicable NCAA, SEC, University, and UGAA rules and regulations.

    * Contact the Athletics Compliance Office with any question related to NCAA, SEC, University, and UGAA rules or regulations.

    * Take appropriate precautions to avoid violations of NCAA, SEC, University, and UGAA rules and regulations.

    * Cooperate fully with NCAA and/or University staff, including the Athletics Compliance Office and outside consultants, in the investigation of possible violations of NCAA, SEC, University, and/or UGAA rules and regulations when requested to do so.
  • Head Coach Control

    * In accordance with NCAA Bylaw (Responsibility of Head Coach), you shall assist in promoting an atmosphere of compliance within the sport program and monitor the activities regarding compliance of all staff members involved with the program.

    * Discuss with coaches the importance of adhering to the Head Coach Control Action Plan throughout the year.

    * Regularly attend monthly coaches meetings hosted by the Athletics Compliance Department.

    * Reinforce the importance of sport personnel attending scheduled compliance meetings.

    * Seek feedback and include an assessment of compliance performance in annual coach reviews.
  • Monitoring

    * Be aware and report actual or perceived knowledge of any “agents” (e.g., financial advisors, runners, marketing agents, or other third parties acting on behalf of a current student-athlete) associated with prospective or current student-athletes and report all concerns to the Athletics Compliance Office and Head Coach.

    * Report any concerns regarding a prospect’s recruitment or student-athlete’s enrollment to the Athletics Compliance Office (e.g., association with third parties, extra benefits, housing, academics, etc.).

    * Notify the Athletics Compliance Office of any prospective student-athlete, (e.g., signee or walk-on), who is staying the Athens area prior to initial enrollment with an individual other than known and documented friends and family.

    * Periodically review booster club foundation accounts for those sports you oversee in an effort to identify any transactions that may be of concern.

    * Periodically attend booster club meetings in an effort to identify where additional education may be needed, issues that may need to be addressed and to ensure planned events are known to the institution and concerns with the event (if any) are addressed. Request minutes be provided (when available) if you cannot attend.
  • Reporting

    * Immediately report any known or suspected violation(s) of NCAA, SEC, University, or UGAA rules and regulations to the Director of Athletics and/or a member of the Athletics Compliance Office. Reporting may occur via phone call, text, email, or in person.

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