Sports Sponsorship Minimum Contest Requirements — Counting Multiteam Events in Individual Sports

NCAA Educational Column
Date Published: August 17, 2012


NCAA Division I institutions should note that, in individual sports, not more than three institution-versus-institution meetings shall be counted as contests in any multiteam competition (e.g., quadrangular track and field meet) for purposes of meeting the minimum-contests requirement for sports sponsorship. If the institution achieves a single score in competition with the other competing institutions (e.g., a conference championship), it shall be counted as one contest. In addition, a meet at which no team scoring is kept counts as a contest for the purpose of meeting the minimum-contest requirement, provided at least the minimum number of participants, per NCAA Bylaw, participate in the event. Finally, if a sponsor of an event conducts the event either with no team scoring or with institutions achieving a single score against other competing institutions, it is not permissible for institutions to score the event as an institution-versus-institution event.

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