Ticket Office : Student Appeals

Appeal Information

Student appeals are adjudicated by a board of UGA Staff members and students. Strikes must be formally appealed within 5 days of the issue date.

  • All appeals must be done in writing electronically. No phone calls will be accepted.
  • There is no hearing to attend. Therefore, any evidence or documentation must be submitted with the appeal.
  • Students who successfully appeal a strike will receive email notification following completion of the review process.

Tips for Filing an Appeal

  • All evidence available is used in the decision of the board.
  • Please be clear and relevant in explaining your situation – what may be obvious to you, may not be obvious to the board.
  • Boards can see the entire violation history of the appellant. It helps to have a clean record.
  • Our experience with appeal boards shows that the questions appeal judges ask when reviewing appeals are:
    • Which student gate did you enter?
    • What time did you enter the stadium?
    • Can you describe the person who scanned your ID?
    • Why were you unable to attend the game?
  • Addressing these questions will give you a better chance of winning your appeal.

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