Camp Fee Structure

Athletic Association controlled and maintained facilities may be used by some camps while University controlled facilities may be used for others. Those camps that utilize University facilities must coordinate individual agreements in each case and are also subject to a UGA Athletic Association’s sanction fee, in addition to, the fee structure established by the specific department.

The Athletic Association agrees to prepare and maintain facilities using the appropriate manpower to ready the facilities for normal camp use. Additional requirements for cleanup, after hours maintenance of fields, facilities, lighting or damages will result in separate billing form the Athletic Association’s Business Office.

The following fee structure applies for all camps and clinics:

  • All camps shall be assessed a sanction fee of $3.00 per camper per session payable to UGAAA.
  • For camps using the Coliseum, Physical Plant will charge $250.00 cleanup fee if a camp brings food or other items into the Coliseum that may cause the Physical Plant staff to clean the Coliseum.
  • Camps utilizing facilities controlled by the University (i.e. Ramsey, intramural fields, golf course) shall pay the rental charges, and submit invoice to the Athletic Association for reimbursement.
  • It will be the camp’s responsibility to negotiate payment for the use of any University controlled facility through the appropriate department.
  • It will be the responsibility of the camp to arrange for postage outside of the Athletic Association.  Any other arrangement must be coordinated through the UGAAA Camp Liaison Officer and the UGAAA Business Office.
  • The custodial, grounds and facility support staff will be required to take vacation in order to work during sports camps. Their rate of pay will be $20/hour. By taking vacation, they can clean the facility and maintain/prep the field during the operating hours of your camp. This has become necessary because the staff has been forced to work more during our camps, as more people are using the facility during camp. In addition, the camps have taken away from the ability to work on special projects.